Brief Introduction of Aerated Concrete Slab (ALC Slab)

Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete board (ALC board for short), it is made of silica material (quartz sand), calcareous material (cement, lime) and foaming agent as main raw materials, after high temperature, high pressure steam curing and made of porous concrete forming plate, embedded after rust removal, anti-corrosion treatment of double-layer bi-directional steel mesh. It can not only do the main building wall materials such as internal wall and external wall, but also can do the roof board and floor board, and sheet (30mm, 50mm thick) can be used as insulation board and fire board, is a new building materials with superior performance. Can be widely used in concrete structure and steel structure of residential, office building, plant, inside and outside, floor, roof board, firewall, explosion-proof wall, steel structure beam column fire board, sound wall, old building layer transformation, etc.

Characteristics of ALC Slab


ALC sheet is characterized by green environmental protection, light earthquake resistance, good fire resistance and can float on water